What is an Urgent Care Center?

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When you have more serious ailments which you would typically go to your primary care doctor, such as diarrhea, mild asthma, a migraine, a possible broken bone, or a cut you think might need stitches, or you feel generally unwell and are running a fever.


Urgent care walk-in medical facilities, like Medicenter of Edison, are open all day for sick and well visits, but they’re especially convenient for evening and weekend visits, when your own doctor is probably not in the office and may be hard to reach.  Medicenter of Edison is open until 7 pm on the weekdays, and are open Saturday and Sunday for your convenience.  Doctors at urgent care centers have the ability to provide more complex treatment than your typical primary care practice or retail clinic.  For example, Medicenter of Edison has X-ray and lab facilities onsite.

Wait times are usually shorter at urgent care centers than at the emergency room.  On average, fewer than 15% of patients who visit these clinics are sent to the emergency room, but when urgent care providers do get an emergency case, they will typically stabilize the patient and call 9-1-1.  Also, an urgent care center costs less than a trip to the emergency room, so you will save time and money all while receiving the appropriate medical treatment.