Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

Be prepared this winter when the snow and the cold temperatures come. Preparing your home, cars and work should be on the top of your list this winter with all the crazy weather we have been getting lately. Winterize your home by making sure to install weather stripping, insulation and storm windows. Remember to insulate water lines that are outside as well as cleaning out gutters and repairing any leaks. Check your heating systems including fireplaces, chimneys, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detec- tors. Get your car ready by servicing your radiator, maintain antifreeze lev- els, check your tires, keep your gas tank full, and even winterize your windshield washer fluid. Always keep a winter emergency kit in your car in case you get stranded, include blan- kets, food, water, booster cables, tire pump, a bag of sand, a shovel, maps, a flashlight, battery powered radio with extra batteries, a first – aid kit, plastic bags and wipes. If you are spending time outdoors be sure to wear appropri- ate clothing including hat, scarves, gloves and waterproof boots. Be cautious of icy patches, wind chill and always take a buddy or carry a charged cell phone. Avoid traveling in storms and make sure to check in on elderly family members, neighbors and friends.